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The L’ Palo candles was created as an inspiration and the love for good smells. I’m the kind of person who love to receive my visits with a pleasant aroma or when I finish my dinner, I like to sit down and relax with a good fragrance. I like that my space smells good!


For those who do not know me yet, you may wonder about the name of my candles. However, this has a lot of meaning for me. Actually, the correct way to write it is: El Palo, a Spanish word which means: "piece of wood”, but we shortened it to L ‘Palo.


This is the name of the country where I was born in Guayama Puerto Rico.  This beautiful place that saw me grow, where loving and humble people live is a place full of many mountains, fruits, flowers and trees, a true paradise.  It is for this reason that the candles L 'Palo are a handmade product with joy and lots of love because each aroma of these candles has a bit of that beautiful field.


They are made with the best oils of natural essences and the best 100% natural pure soy wax.


The unique and special thing about these candles made with soy wax is that they delicately perfume the environment, even without lighting them. The two main reasons why this happens: because they are perfumed with pure and very powerful essential oils, and because having a lower melting point they preserve the aroma better and release it for a longer time.


Also, the soy wax has a smooth and “creamy" texture, similar to yogurt, giving a smooth and beautiful finish to the candle. When it melts, the wax is transformed into a warm oil of delicious appearance.


I really enjoy create this product in my apartment in New York City, a sacred space where it always smells delicious.


-Lynette M. Cora

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