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The science of relaxation: Why are candles so soothing?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Candles are scientifically proven to calm us down..

The soft and hypnotic quality of their light makes them a perfect ambience for any relaxation routine, such as the practice of Yoga. However, the science of candles goes one step further, each day scented candles are created to transform your mood.

Candle light it is the flame of a candle that helps calm our soul, reducing stress and increasing self-awareness. Soft lighting helps us calm down and even reach a meditative state, but how does the flame of a candle help calm us down and relax our minds? The low light that comes from a candle is captured by your sight and sent directly to your brain for processing. Due to our associations with candlelight, the body begins to relax, which helps the way we feel emotionally and physically. Some of the advantages of feeling more relaxed include more energy, better sleep, greater immunity, less pain and a more pleasant personality.

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